Grants & Bursaries

The Self Heal Association awards grants and bursaries to organisations and individuals working in Devon.

  • We rarely provide whole project funding, preferring to match or part fund.
  • We do not provide any capital funding or the direct replacement of statutory, lottery or other funding.
  • There are no deadlines and applications are accepted all year round. However please allow up to four months for your application to receive a decision from the Trustees.
  • The Association will consider making grants to Projects which use Arts based psychological therapies to improve the health and well-being of their clientele. This may be directly though the Arts Therapies or indirectly through supervision, mentoring or specific Continuing Professional Development training for project workers by appropriately qualified therapists . Preference will be given to projects serving rural and/or low population density areas and to those working with mental health needs.
  • The Association looks favourably on applications for Bursaries from individuals, particularly within the Arts & Health sector, to attend training, educational and/or development courses that promote the proper and responsible use of psychological therapies and associated work. However we rarely provide bursaries for entire training course costs, preferring to match or part fund.
  • We want our grants to be effective, to achieve something which otherwise would not happen, or to sustain something which otherwise might fail. The Trustees and Association have a broad interest in the Arts & Health and may choose to initiate or support other projects.


For funding towards a project, please download the Grant Application Form.  Complete and return the form, answering all the questions.


For funding towards the costs of attending some training, please download the Bursary Application Form.


During 2020, the Trustees will be meeting on 4th March, 3rd June, 16th September and 25th November.  If you would like an application to be considered at one of these meetings, please ensure it is emailed or posted at least a fortnight before the meeting date.

Completed application forms can be returned by post to The Self Heal Association, PO Box 272, St Thomas, Exeter  EX2 9ZL or by email to